Live Courageously as Your Authentic Self

The 3 Virtues for Authenticity provides guiding moral principles to help us live life authentically. In spite of the uncertainty, chaos, and nihilism that assails us in modern life, we will face it with courage.

In traversing this path, we learn to recognize the higher self within us as well as the higher selves within others. By actualizing our higher selves, we can live life meaningfully and positively.

Gratitude is life’s guiding star. It brings clarity, joy, and a sense of balance. It brings an awareness of and orientation to the positive and life affirming aspects of existence.

A plant instinctively grows towards the sun and extends its roots towards fertile earth and water. In practicing gratitude, a person’s life will instinctively ground itself in that which is life affirming while growing towards that which is positive and joyous. With gratitude, we can both embrace the warmth of a sunny day and the life giving rain of a stormy night.

Gratitude lights up the One Sun Path for you on this journey of self-actualization.

Honesty is much more than being factual. Practicing honesty is the gateway to having the courage to be your genuine and highest self.

Speaking truthfully, to ourselves and to others, resonates deeply with our inner most being. And in doing so, honesty draws out the strength to move from our present situation towards our aspirations.

Speaking and acknowledging the truth of who we are and where we should be empowers us with the clarity, wisdom, courage and grace of our highest selves.

Charity grants us the empathy to connect with the people whom we share this existence with. In the One Sun Path, we practice 3 forms of charity:

  • Charity of resource – We share what we have with others who can benefit from them.
  • Charity of labor – We give assistance with our physical effort for those who need it.
  • Charity of knowledge – We share our wisdom and experience with those who benefit from such guidance.

On the One Sun Path, we work hard so that we have the resources to provide. We train so that we have the strength to spare. We study so that we have the knowledge to share. 

Practicing generosity dissolves the barriers between ourselves and others and transforms a life of scarcity into one of abundance. Living a life focused on our own needs and desires creates a constant focus on what is missing. And it is all too easy for that focus on what is missing to become all-consuming. This results in a life whose energies are dissipated in never-ending worry and anger over shortages.

In embracing generosity, you will find your own abundance. And in sharing, you will open up the hearts of others to share as well. Practice generosity with honesty and diligence, and you will stop struggling and start living. Be like the Sun, and your light will warm the world.

Start with gratitude. It is the first virtue that lights up the path. Within a week of practice, you will start to see your perspective on life change. You will start to take more interest in your life. You will start to get at least an inkling of who you can be and what you can accomplish.

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