In this facet of Yiyangmen, you will learn simple and effective qigong and meditative practices. Practicing them gradually cultivates 3 qualities:

  1. Clarity – gain insight into your true self as you break free of the habits, thought patterns, and emotional patterns that lock our lives into stagnant cycles.
  2. Vitality – raise your energy to bring your health to a vibrant and optimal state.
  3. Integrity – Resolve the internal conflicts that arises from your heart and mind. Learn to put forth your true and entire self in all of life’s circumstances.

Free Learning

The program is taught through a series of videos. Many of them are freely available for learners to experience the possibilities for growth that already exists within them.

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This free program is made possible by the support of our donors. If you find the practices to be helpful, please consider donating through patreon. Contribution is absolutelly not required. Patron supporters on Yiyangmen are invited to participate on our online message forum, where you can interact with other learners and gain additional insight. Donations help support our effort to expand and upgrade our program, including additional classes, tutorials, and building health & wellness centers to support healthy holistic living.

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Welcome to Your New Journey

Photo by Jan Tinneberg on Unsplash

Sequence of Training

There’s 2 ways I recommend approaching the curriculum.

  1. Classic: If you’re feeling well and happy, proceed in order. The program is listed in an order that optimizes efficiency.
  2. Jump Start: If you’re feeling stressed, tired, or uncomfortable in some way, start with the immaterial harmonization and the energy harmonization and then finally start back at the begining.

The reason why you might jump start at the more advanced level if you’re not feeling your best is because in our current modern life, what we tend to be most lacking is the energetic aspect. In that case, a little practice there can kick start a dormant part of your life and you will notice the biggest immediate benefit. That can give you the motivation and energy to continue to succeed.

Either way you choose to go about it, emphasize the practices that resonate with you. Practice such that you feel joyful or pleasant when doing so. It is in such a state that your mind and body is most able to and most willing to grow.

A practice session is typically just 5-15 minutes. Practice when you feel inspired to do so. There is no need to force yourself. A willing and open mind is the mind that’s most ready to grow and transform. But you will notice that you feel better once you’ve practiced. So perhaps it will be worth the discipline and dedication to practice, even if your heart is pulled in another direction.

The lessons are primarily videos, with supplemental articles to help you understand the principles more deeply. The program follows the stages of development of Southern Shaolin practice. You can read about it by clicking on the button below.

The Foundation Practices – Intent Harmonization

We will begin with four foundation exercises. The main thing that really sets natural athletes apart from non athletes isn’t their physical capability. It’s how naturally their mind interacts with their body. Just like a good driver’s strength is primarily in how well they are at one with the vehicle.

Intent harmonization quickly gives us the harmony of mind and body that a natural athlete has. We will do so through four simple practices.

  • Moon Devotion – deeply relax your mind and body by manifesting the calm and receptive intent of the moon
  • Archer’s Gaze – to unify our vision and intent, improving our hand eye coordination
  • Sun Archer – to optimize how our intent governs our body
  • Bow Drawing – to awaken the core and connect the energy meridians

Click on each to watch the instructional video. Then read the articles that explain each to a greater detail. The practice are simple and you will be ready to progress once you have felt the benefit from each one. It typically takes about 1 week each exercise.

The first practice helps you achieve “song”, the state of relaxed but powerful posture. Practice under the moonlight for a very soothing influence.
Restore your true hand eye coordination to awaken your athletic potential.
Move effortlessly and naturally by integrating your intent and your body’s movements.
Awaken your dantien to generate the powerful strength that is our primal birth right.

Energy Harmonization

Energy harmonization, called internal training in Chinese martial arts, improves the energetic systems that fuels our life. There are two energy systems:

Qi – the personal life force that circulates your body. It is contained within and cycles through your body.

Shen – the universal life force that flows through you and the universe. It passes into and out of you as needed, similar to breath, related to what is called Prana.

Baduanjin Qigong helps with energy flow, stress, and emotional discomforts
Nourish your ogans and increase your resilience to stress and emotional disturbances with Baduanjin Qigong.
Heal your injuries and increase your vitality through awakening shen energy’s capacity to manifest your highest self.
Elevate your energy to the highest level by integrating the three primal sources of fire: the lightning, the sun above, and the magma below.

Immaterial Harmonization

Immaterial harmonization cultivates our awareness and connection to our immaterial self. We are more than just muscles controlled by electric currents in our body. We are more than organic machines. The immaterial harmonization brings the physical and energetic self into alignment with our deepest nature.

Remove your energy blockages and erase the scars of your past as you achieve a deep state of relaxation and rejuvenation.

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