Everyone Deserves Genuine Guidance

Posted on August 21, 2020Comments Off on Everyone Deserves Genuine Guidance

Classically in kungfu training, a student is taught the basics and left to practice for a few years. In this period, the student is supposed to demonstrate their loyalty and character to prove they are worthy of the genuine teaching. In Yiyangmen, we do not teach in that manner. Everyone deserves genuine guidance. The more they seem not to deserve it, the more we ought to help them.

People are trying their best

For the most part I don’t think people try to be bad people. People usually don’t aspire to suffer and fail, nor do they aspire to cause suffering and failure. A lot of strife arises because people vary in their capacity to understand one another and their capacity to understand long term consequences. The person who is rude to you may be reacting out of wounds they’ve felt by people who have hurt them previously. The person who stubbornly refuses to believe you may be reacting out of wounds they’ve felt by people who have lied to them previously.

When we donate to charity, we tend to donate to those who have the least. In teaching, in guidance, it is similar. The people who are most misguided, who appears to be the most difficult and undeserving, are the ones who have the least wisdom, the least happiness.

While I love seeing the rapid progress made by a talented student, I also love seeing a person mired in life’s difficulties find their way through to the happiness they also deserve.

If I don’t descend to hell to teach you, who will?

Zen Buddhism Saying

What if they misuse the skill and knowledge?

That is certainly a valid concern and that is something that each teacher will have to decide. In some martial arts, you learn the vulnerabilities of the human body that allows you to damage them. Caution in teaching is warranted in these cases.

In Yiyangmen, the martial skill is dependent upon the degree of wisdom and compassion the practitioner has. The student gains coordination, speed and power as they improve their psychology. The primary mechanism of improvement is through removing psychological blockages. Therefore, the practitioner naturally becomes a better person as they become a stronger person physically.

Because of this, I am able to openly teach the so-called-secrets in a manner that is helpful and safe. It is the benefit of a truly holistic approach to martial training.

No apples needed

Often times, a student tries to impress the teacher with their talent or dedication. But as a teacher, we do not need to be impressed. We look forward to helping you: whatever your talent, and whatever your dedication. If the student keeps their sincerity on improving themselves, that is what will bring the most growth. That is what will make all of us happy!

What were your experiences with learning martial arts and eastern practices? Did you find that teachers would treat students differently? Share your experience in the comments below.