The Essence of the Martial Arts for Today's World


The Most Effective Martial Practices For Life Today

Once upon a time, monks and sages studied and refined the martial arts into a practice for enlightenment. Then time of peace turned to time of strife. The martial arts were passed onto people who would fight for a better future. After the revolutions, people in turn shared their martial arts to the world which became what we know of today.

In today’s world, we once again have an opportunity to benefit from the original purposes of the practice. To become stronger, to become braver, to become wiser. To become both better prepared to face the challenges our world presents and to prepare our body to house our highest self.

What is Yiyangmen

Yiyangmen is a system of simple physical exercise and living principles to achieve three primary objectives:

  1. Awakening – Bringing forth our innate talent, intelligence, and strength.
  2. Integration – Bringing into union our body, mind, and energy.
  3. Incarnation – Bringing into our life the vital and divine energy of the universe.

Who is Yiyangmen for

Yiyangmen is for both veterans and beginners.

Yiyangmen is the best start for beginners who seek more personal strength, greater authenticity, or a greater sense of competency to live this modern life.

The simple exercises, lets you immediately begin practicing what helps you.

Yiyangmen is also for the veteran martial arts practitioner, those who have plateaued but still seeks the path to the skills attained by masters of the past. We present the most valuable exercises that one often has difficulty finding the opportunity to learn in a school.

Yiyangmen, first and foremost, helps the students attain what they really need for their growth.

Our Exercises

Yiyangmen distilled from the classical martial arts their essential exercises, some hidden by the masters and saved for their most loyal students, some hidden in the most advanced forms, and others hidden in plain sight. These essential exercises, called variously qigong, neigong, shenfa, or mudras, helps the learner to quickly and dramatically improve their skill.

Yiyangmen exercises further draws from Eastern holistic arts including qigong, meditation, and yogic practices. Martially, Yiyangmen incorporates the essential practices of Chinese and Indian martial arts.

Our Principles

To light the path forward, Yiyangmen teaches the 3 guiding principles of gratitude, honesty, and charity. These simple ideas transforms a life of scarcity into one of courage, abundance and positivity.

Our Goals

Yiyangmen practice helps us obtain the courage, clarity, and the graceful strength of the ancient sages and martial art masters. It’s not mysterious, and it’s not blind faith. It just requires proper dedication and clear instruction.

Find Your Path

We offer different programs because individuals have their unique life circumstances, learning preferences, and personal objectives. 


Clarity, Vitality & Integrity - One Sun Practice

Learn simple & profound exercises to fill your life with clarity, vitality, and integrity.

Raise your energy, health, and awareness to your highest level with this essential set of holistic practices. Practice consists of meditation, qigong, yoga, and calisthenic exercises.

This program is taught through our online video lessons. Many beneficial lessons are available for free.


Strength, Courage, & Positivity - 3 Virtues for Authenticity

Learn to live with strength, courage, and positivity.

Learn the 3 guiding principles of a positive life: gratitude, honesty, and charity. Three simple practice for each principle brings them to life within you and around you.

This program is free, requiring only a willingness to improve your life.


Natural, Harmonious, and True - Primal Integration

Learn to move with harmony with your natural and highest self.

Primal Integration teaches essential martial qigong and exercises to awaken your natural strength, bring your movement into harmony, and teach you to move with the power and grace of the ancient martial art masters.

This program is taught online through our zoom class: Effortless Strength. An online video course series is coming soon!

The Best Time to Study Traditional Martial Arts Online Has Arrived

There is a Renaissance going on in Chinese Martial Arts and in schools of trditional practices. Many of the masters are now openly sharing their systems. So what was once only available in small inner door lineages is now being made available to the wider public. And advances in technology has made sharing easier than ever.

We are one of the organizations committed to this new generation of masters openly sharing traditional arts. We are committed to preserving the systems for future generations.